Second interview

My second interviewee is Amy Brown from Salisbury. I got this interview after writing a post on a website (netmums). This lady was one of the three women, who got back to me (quite lucky here). I choose her firstly because her story seemed quite interesting and also because she wasn’t living too far away. After a couple of emails, it became clear that she had no chance of doing it by the time I was still in the UK. I went to my home country for the holidays, so we ended up doing a Skype interview. I used my phone to record the sound of it and the quality is pretty decent. After interviewing Lesley I had another idea for this interview.

I wanted it to be even more focused, so I decided to talk to Amy first before interviewing her. She said she had a blog where she’s posting a lot about her experience giving birth to a child with Down’s, so I had a look and had an even better idea of what I wanted to ask her to talk about. I found the interview really emotional because of the detailed describtion she gave me of how she felt throughout the whole process. Something I was lacking from my first interview. I never got the chance to see Amy personally, we only talked on Skype, but I want to thank her for this amazing interview! Even with only those two women and loads of research I could already produce a good and original radio documentary, because these mothers’ stories are very deep, personal and touching.

I also need to mention here that producing a radio documentary meant I had to change my target audience and tailor the piece to its style. Therefore, I decided the best one would be BBC Radio 4. Radio 4 listeners are described as those ‘seeking intelligent programmes in many genres which inform, educate and entertain’ and this is exacly what I am aiming to achieve with my documentary as I believe it is current and original, giving a real insight. What is more, Radio 4 is the best station for my documentary because of its wide range of topics covered and the slower pace of delivery. I consider the best programme for my documentary would be BBC Radio 4’s Women’s Hour in particular as it offers a female perspective on the world, discussing health, education, cultural and political topics aimed at women and mothers. I think the best treatment for my documentary would be to let it breathe, tell the story bit by bit so that I keep the audience engaged. I also need to pick the background music really carefully as it only completes the piece, rather than distracting the listeners from the story.


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